Twin Quartz Tube,twin Quartz Tubing

Product Details

twin quartz tube


1. high purity quartz

2. no dark spot, no crack, no air-line, no air bubble

3. heat-resistant

4. steady heat conduction, The thermal expansion coefficient of quartz is extremely small ,it can be able to adapt drastic temperature changes ;

5. Anti-corrosion : Quartz glass is acidic materials, except hydrofluoric acid and 300 degrees Celsius thermal phosphoric acid, on any other acids were shown to be inert, is the best anti acid materials.

6. Good electrical insulation properties :  Quartz glass with high dielectric strength and very low electrical conductivity, even in high temperature, high pressure and high frequency,it can still maintain high dielectric strength and resistance, in the application of the band almost no dielectric loss, therefore the quartz glass is an excellent high temperature dielectric insulating material

clear twin quartz tube is smooth, colorless and transparent, with high purity, corrosion resistance, high temperature, good thermal stability characteristics. Widely used in heating pipe, electric tube, electric oven and other electric products.



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