Transparent Fire Polished Quartz Glass Tube

Transparent Fire Polished Quartz Glass Tube
Product Details

fire polished quartz tube

1. Purity: SiO2 content is more than 99.9%, transparent quartz tube can reaches above 99.95%

2. Temperature: softening point temperature is about 1730 degrees Celsius ,1100 degrees Celsius in a long time used

3. Anti-corrosion: Quartz glass is acidic materials, except hydrofluoric acid and 300 degrees Celsius thermal phosphoric acid, on any other acids were shown to be inert, is the best anti acid materials.

4. Transmittance good performance : Compare to ordinary silicate glass, transparent quartz glass in the whole wavelength head excellent permeability.

5. Good electrical insulation properties

These tubes advantages are high purity, good spectral transmission,  well controlled dimension and low OH, etc. They're the best heat resisting material for lamps like: halogen lamps, mercury lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.

We also can apply some further processing like trim cutting, fire polishing, bending, pinching, grinding and others according to customers’ requirements.

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