Small Diamter Quartz Glass Tube,thin Quartz Glass Tube

Small Diamter Quartz Glass Tube,thin Quartz Glass Tube
Product Details

small diameter quartz glass tube

Product Description:

SiO2 :


Density :


Degree of hardness mosh' scale :


Coefficient of expansion 25--300℃ ℃-1  (    ×10-6  )


Melting point:


Working temperature :

Under 1100°C

Max temperature can reach in a short time :


Acid tolerance:

30 times than Ceramics , 150 times than Stainless steel

Do not operate in temperature beyond quartz maximum working temperature for long time. Otherwise, products will deform crystallization or become softening. Try to avoid touch with alkaline substances (such as water glass, asbestos, potassium and sodium compounds, etc.), when employing quartz glass products in high temperature, which is made of acid material. Otherwise product anti- crystalline properties will be greatly reduced.

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