Quartz Tube for Metal Halide Lamp,metal Halogen Quartz Tube

Quartz Tube for Metal Halide Lamp,metal Halogen Quartz Tube
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quartz tube for metal halide lamp

metal halogen quartz tube is special industrial technology glass made from silicon dioxide and is one kind of excellent basal material.

Physical and chemical characteristics of quartz tube for metal halide lamp

1. Heat resisting. The soften point of quartz glass is 1730 degree, can be used long time under 1100 degree.

2. Corrosion resisting. Quartz glass will not react with any acid material except hydrofluoric acid. Its acid resisting ability is 30 times of the ceramic, and 150 times of the stainless steel. Especially for its chemical stability under high temperature is much better than any other engineering materials.

3. Good Heat stability. The coefficient of thermal expansion of quartz glass is very small. It can bear exquisite changing of temperature.

4. Insulated capability of electricity is better. The resistance value of quartz glass is 10 thousand times of common glass what is the best insulated material of electricity, even in high temperature it still has better electric capability.

5. Capability of pervious to light is better. Quartz glass has better pervious capability in the whole spectral wave band from ultraviolet radiation to infrared.

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