Quartz Thread Pipe,quartz Threaded Tube

Quartz Thread Pipe,quartz Threaded Tube
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quartz threaded tube

Quartz glass is usually colorless and transparent, visible light transmission rate of 85% or more. Quartz glass from the large production range can be divided into two types of fused silica glass and synthetic quartz glass. Heat resistance, light transmittance, electrical insulation, chemistry, and stability are excellent.

The optical properties of quartz glass have its unique, it can be through the far ultraviolet, is the best of all through the UV material, but also through the visible light can be near infrared spectroscopy. As the quartz glass high temperature, thermal expansion coefficient is very small, good chemical stability, bubbles, stripes, uniformity, birefringence can be comparable with the general optical glass, so it is working in a variety of bad occasions with high stability optical coefficient Indispensable optical material.

Product Description:

SIO2 :

99.9 %



Density :


Degree of hardness moh' scale :


Melting point:


Working temperature :


Max temperature can reach in a short time    :


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