Other Specifically Shaped Quartz Tube

Other Specifically Shaped Quartz Tube
Product Details

specifically shaped quartz tube

Advantages for specifically shaped quartz tubes: 

1. high purity quartz tube

2. SiO2> 99.99%

3. OH content less then 5PPM

4. Widely used in semiconductor , lighting and electric heating industries.

5. Environmental protection

6. Infrared heating element

7. High heat stability and high temperature resistance

8. And further processing of trim cutting, fire polishing, bending and pinching and etc. can be done according to the requirement of customers.

We also produce Milky White Quartz Tube, Red quartz tube, Translucent Quartz Tube, Ozone free quartz tube, UV block quartz tube, Gold coated quartz tube etc.

We can make products according to the requirements of our customers.

If you're looking for the other specifically shaped quartz tube, welcome to buy the custom quartz products with our professional suppliers in China. Equipped with a productive factory at your service, we can assure you of its high quality and fine workmanship.