High Quality Milky White Quartz Tube

High Quality Milky White Quartz Tube
Product Details

milky quartz tube

The milk white quartz tube itself can absorb the infrared spectrum of the wavelength below 4u, so that the heat of the tube itself increases the heat radiation, while the emissivity in the 5--13u far infrared band is more than 90%, which is necessary for heating and drying material (usually in 3 - 25u area has a strong absorption) to provide the most efficient selective absorption of heating element material, this performance is not available in other infrared materials.

Main Applications:

1. Far infrared roast

2 .High temperature thermoelectric couple

3. High temperature electric cooker

4 .High Temperature Industry dryness 

calefaction application

Such as : Heater, disinfect tank, microwave oven, Electric Oven etc.

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