High Quality Gold Coated Fused Silica Quartz Tube

High Quality Gold Coated Fused Silica Quartz Tube
Product Details

High Quality gold coated fused silica quartz tube

At high temperatures, gold does not disappear forever, a few heat transfer. People can feel heat in seconds.

This product is suitable for:

Outdoor heating, such as: electric heater, far infrared heater, used in restaurants, cafes, sports venues, warehouses and other places.

Industrial heating, such as: automotive paint, baking paper, video processing and so on

Features of High Quality Gold Coated Quartz Tube as follows: 

1.High purity made of 99.99%-99.9999% pure quartz.

2.High temperature resistance, can work under 1200°C continuously

3. Acid and Alkali resistance

Except hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass does not react with any acid and base except hydrofluoric acid. The stability is 30 times of the ceramic, and 150 times of stainless steel

4. Electric insulation, it is 10000 times of usual glass.

5. High light transmittance , it is different from 85%-95% depend on different spectrum.

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