Fused Infrared Heat Quartz Tube With Big Diameter

Fused Infrared Heat Quartz Tube With Big Diameter
Product Details

infrared heat quartz tube

Description of fused infrared heat quartz tube:

Doped with trace elements, the red quartz tube, dark red and pink red available, is able to prevent all the UV rays and part of visible lights and meanwhile make the most of infrared rays.

It is widely used in the field of far infrared heating , such as heater ,sterilization tank, microwave oven, electric cooker, electric oven, surface drying, automobile paint baking ,etc.


1.Quartz materials: high purify quartz powder 

2.Purity:99.99% SIO2

3.High Corrosion Resistance

4.Transmission of visible light>93%

5.Working temperature: 1100°C in long time,1450 °C in short time

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