Polished Clear Fused Quartz Discs

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polished quartz disc

Clear polished   Fused Quartz disc     is an extremely versatile material used in a range of different applications. It has outstanding thermal properties, excellent optical transmission, with good electricaland corrosion performance.

polished quartz disc is made from superior purity quartz sand & crystal flour and melted into quartz lump in high temperature furnace, we customize and process quartz sheets, quartz disc & other Quartz instruments based on client requirement.

We supply quartz disc to clients in aviation, laser, semiconductor industry, optical window, and infrared heater industries; some client use these quartz disc and quartz sheets for filtration of liquids or corrosive gas, heat diffusion, flow regulation, and chemically inert and high purity applications.

We manufacturer and supply commercial grade polished quartz discs in varying diameters & thickness

If you're looking for the polished clear fused quartz discs, welcome to buy the custom quartz products with our professional suppliers in China. Equipped with a productive factory at your service, we can assure you of its high quality and fine workmanship.