Optical Instruments Quartz Plate

Product Details

Optical instruments quartz plate

SIO2 :

99.9 %

Density :


Degree of hardness moh' scale :


Melting point:


Working temperature :


Max temperature can reach in a short time :


Acid tolerance:

30 times than Ceramics , 150 times than Stainless steel

Visible light transmittance :

above 93%

UV spectral region transmittance:


Resistance value :

10000 times than ordinary glass

Annealing point:


The feature of the Optical instruments quartz plate is as follows: high purity, strong transmission, strict size control, low OH content and so on. The deep processing would be done according to client's requirements, like neat cutting, fire polish, bending, sealing, polished and so on. OH content can be controlled less than 20ppm\15ppm\10ppm\5ppm\2ppm.

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