Clear,Square,round Quartz Glass Plate

Clear,Square,round Quartz Glass Plate
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Clear quartz glass plate

Quartz Glass is made with quartz silica special industrial technology glass, it is a kind of very good base material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, such as:

1. high temperature resistant.

2.and corrosion resistance.

3. thermal stability.

4. Pervious to light performance is good pervious to light good performance.

5. quartz glass electrical insulating performance is good.

SIO2 :

99.9 %

Density :


Degree of hardness moh' scale :


Melting point:


Working temperature :


Max temperature can reach in a short time :


Acid tolerance:

30 times than Ceramics , 150 times than Stainless steel

Visible light transmittance :

above 93%

UV spectral region transmittance:


Resistance value :

10000 times than ordinary glass

Annealing point:


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