Clear Quartz Glass Slides

Clear Quartz Glass Slides
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clear quartz glass Slides

The physical properties of clear quartz glass Slides

1.High purity made of 99.99%-99.9999% pure quartz.

2.Strong Hardness, Can reach Morse level 7.

3.High temperature resistance, can work under 1200°C continuously, and in short time  can even work under 1500°C.

4. Acid and Alkali resistance, Except hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass does not react with any acid and base except hydrofluoric acid. The stability is 30 times of the ceramic, and 150 times of stainless steel

5. Electric insulation, it is 10000 times of usual glass.

6. High light transmittance , it is different from 85%-95% depend on different spectrum.

7.Excellent thermal shock stability ,Small thermal expansion coefficient.

quartz glass Slides is a special glass that contains silicon dioxide .Our quartz glass Slides is made from natural quartz after the process of melting and fine grinding . quartz glass Slides mainly use in lab We can make products according to the requirements of our customers.

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