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Quartz Stone Table In The Daily Work Of The Need To Pay Attention To Matters

Quartz stone as a national sustainable development strategy of the new health and environmental protection products, in the last century 80's into the domestic market. Although China's quartz stone industry started late, but after 10 years of rapid development, has become the first choice for cabinet countertops, and widely used in countertops countertops, windowsill, experimental platform, commercial and other indoor places.

Quartz stone industry is showing a very gratifying situation, cultivate a huge potential consumer market, in the market size and application penetration rate are among the highest in the world. According to incomplete statistics, the national large and small man-made quartz stone production enterprises nearly a thousand, has become a new type of decorative materials can not be ignored in the industry; for the prosperity of China's decorative materials market, improve people's home quality of life has made important contributions.