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Quartz Stone Processing Needs Attention

Quartz stone manufacturers for your analysis of quartz stone belongs to the hexagonal system is an equiaxed, columnar, hexagonal double cone shape, quartz composition is the most simple silica (sio2), silica (sio2) by the degree of crystallization Can be divided into single crystal, polycrystalline, latitude, due to the different degree of crystal quartz stone is divided into different types. One of the polysilicon composed of minerals mainly quartz jade. Use it as a raw material we usually called crystal quartz sand, slightly transparent to translucent, density and single crystal quartz similar light transmission is good, so the production of quartz stone plate also has a translucent. Crystal quartz sand is a high quality quartz sand so the price is relatively high, making processing more difficult not only need crystal quartz sand raw materials also need crystal resin and special color paste.