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Quartz Glass Products Process Method

  Quartz instruments with its excellent performance, is used in many aspects, quartz products mainly refers to a number of quartz glass materials made of products. Mainly include quartz glass tube, quartz glass rod, quartz glass, quartz glass mound, fused quartz glass tube (furnace core tube), fused quartz glass rod, quartz glass boat, quartz glass crucible and so on.

    Quartz Glass products The raw materials from the purity of 99.5% or more refined quartz sand, refined quartz sand: SiO2 ≥ 99-99.5% Fe2O3 ≤ 0.02-0.015%, selected high-quality ore from the complex processing.

    Quartz Glass products Particle size range with 5-480 mesh, according to user requirements, the appearance of white or crystalline. Main purposes: advanced glass, glass products, refractories, smelting stone, precision casting, grinding wheel and other grinding wheel.

 Quartz glass has two kinds of transparent and opaque quartz glass, transparent and not show quartz glass is the most valuable material used in industrial and scientific research. The raw materials used in the manufacture (using the smelting method) are crystal or high purity, ultra-high pure quartz sand (transparent quartz glass) and white quartz sand (opaque quartz glass). These two kinds of raw materials are present in nature, its composition is the most pure composition of SiO2.

    Quartz glass and crystal have the same chemical composition, but are structurally different. One is glassy and the other is crystalline. Crystal can not withstand the high temperature thermal shock, it will encounter high temperature will be broken and converted into other crystal metamorphosis, and quartz glass can withstand the very high temperature impact. The manufacture of transparent quartz glass and opaque quartz glass is required at high temperatures because the crystalline SiO2 can melt at above 1713 ° C.

    Overview of quartz glass

   Quartz Glass products Quartz glass has been abroad for more than 160 years of history, in 1839 the French first with hydrogen burning flame melting quartz quartz glass, 1902 British people with graphite rods to obtain high temperature (known as single electric furnace) manufacturing quartz glass, twenty 40 years of the invention of the melting furnace, 50 years with the semiconductor technology and the development of new electric light source (the urgent need for a large number of quartz glass), quartz glass was developed rapidly. Because quartz glass production technology is difficult, until now can produce a large number of quartz glass countries only the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Britain, China and a few countries. China's quartz glass research began in 1957, before the founding of the People's Republic of China is blank. In 1956, the state formulated the 12-year science and technology development plan, which required the development of 57 key research tasks needed by the national defense to solve the new high-performance materials used in the two bombs and one for the research of atomic bombs, missiles and artificial satellites.